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Natalie Lam

Worship & Admin

Tell me about Natalie?

Natalie was born and raised in West Valley City, Utah, and is a new mom! She graduated from the University of Utah and is an administrative assistant both by trade and by nature. She has always had a heart for ministry and the gift of “helps” since childhood. She married her brother’s best friend, Steven, in 2014 and together have continued to serve the local church through worship and administration.

What does Natalie enjoy?

Natalie enjoys time with her family and thrives on being busy. She earned her private pilot’s license in college and would love to fly again as a hobby.

What does Natalie love most about Utah?

“To be honest, Steven and I are not the biggest fans of Utah for all its glory like hiking, skiing, camping, etc., but we both know Utah is home, and that is what makes it special. We have a heart for the local church and community and together our mission is to see the heart of God move in this state.”