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Hannah Bechtel

Co-Lead Pastor & Kids

Tell me about Hannah?

Hannah was born and raised in small town Missouri. She moved to Logan, Utah during her high school years and grew to love the state and the mountains during that time. After high school she went back to the midwest for college where she met and married Chris. They’ve been married 21 years and have 4 kids, Ava, Mikelle, Stella, and Beau!

What does Hannah enjoy?

Hannah loves recharging by reading books or watching foreign movies with subtitles. She travels the world through foreign films. She’s been to Russia, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Egypt, and Spain. If you have a good place to travel through a movie let her know and she’ll be sure to watch it!

What does Hannah love most about Utah?

“I love the beauty of Utah and the fact that you can be outdoors and active year round is a bonus!”