Ephesians 4:11, Matthew 18:19, Acts 1 & 2, John 17:9 - 11,
Better Together

Better Together is a series that focuses on the importance of recognizing the people that God has brought about in our lives and then protecting those relationships with unity. 

Jesus desired that his disciples would learn to live in one accord with each other and act as one heart in Jesus' name. It's when we position our hearts for that kind of unity within the body of Christ that we can user in the very presence of God into our communities! 

This kind of unity doesn't come when the path forward is completley clear, but when the path forward is fueled with faith. 

The Four Truths About Unity that are taught in the message are:

1. True unity is prompted by the Holy Spirit.

2. True unity thrives on grace and forgiveness.

3. True unity is rooted in love, not a denomination or ideology. 

4. True unity reflects Jesus.